Gatti Evaluation

Our extensive experience includes qualitative and quantitative data collection techniques including focus groups, in-depth interviewing, paper surveys and online surveys. We often employ a mixed methods approach to overcome inherent weaknesses that are inevitable when restricting methods and designs. 

The researchers at Gatti Evaluation have developed numerous psychometrically sound survey instruments for clients, both paper and web-based. In addition, we have knowledge of a vast array of reliable, valid measurement instruments as well as the ability to organize, assemble, distribute and acquire the completed data. Upon receipt we will organize, compile, manage and analyze all data and prepare a report that will synthesize the data to be presented in an easy to understand format. We are committed to producing clear and accessible information aligned to the needs of our clients. 

We have an abundance of experience carrying out longitudinal studies across multiple sites on a national level. We are capable of managing the entirety of your study, or assisting you with various pieces. Specifically, we also offer consulting concerning research design, data collection, data management, data analysis, statistical modeling, forecasting, decision theory, and survey techniques.


Research Design

From recruitment to report writing and everything in between, we can manage any and all aspects of your study. We have experience in recruiting sites and subjects on a local and national level using web-based strategies to manage the recruitment process.

Gatti Evaluation works closely with every client each step of the way to gain a full understanding of the project at hand to be sure every expectation is fully understood and met. We provide orientations to be sure each site/subject has a complete understanding of their responsibilities. For the duration of the study we work closely with each site to address any concerns and answer any questions. Our goal is to make our process transparent with all participants so there is no confusion about responsibilities and expectations. If concerns arise, Gatti Evaluation will intervene to resolve discrepancies and to facilitate communication between stakeholders. 

We realize our clients have unique needs. We are client-driven and are committed to providing a customized experience. Initial meetings include identification of client objectives and research questions which allow our team to design effective strategies to address those questions. We keep lines of communication open at all times to ensure we understand client priorities giving our team the ability to provide useful deliverables, actionable analyses and meet deadlines in a timely manner. 

Data Collection, Management & Analysis

Study Management & Site/Subject Recruitment

Gatti Evaluation offers clients a variety of expertise for an array of services including full program evaluations, data mining, trial simulations, and site recruitment. We work with trusted third party contractors which allows us to keep that "small-company" culture while providing our clients services that rival any large research firm. 

Let us show you how our expert solutions can be more timely, exacting, convenient, practical, and economical solutions for you. Our services are offered a la carte, or we can manage your full project. We are happy to service both the public and private sectors.